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Brainworx BX Digital VST RTAS v2.1.1-AiR

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AiR group has released updated version of Brainworx BX Digital VST plugin.

Description: bx_digital V2 is a state-of-the-art digital mastering processor that provides you with a mastering class 11-band equalizer, M/S De-Esser, Mono-Maker and intelligent Bass- and Presence-Shifters, plus extra M/S features, such as Pan for M&S, and Stereo Width Control. bx_digital V2 works in 3 modes(!) including a sophisticated “M/S Mastering” mode and emulates the three most outstanding modes of the analogue Modus EQ bx1, whereas the software offers literally all the features of the hardware including the M/S-Solo-Buttons, and a lot of functions that the hardware doesn´t even offer (Auto Listen, etc).

Release Name: Brainworx.BX.Digital.VST.RTAS.v2.1.1-AiR
Size: 7.33 MB
Download: HOTFiLE, Torrent Search

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  1. need the plugin

  2. You guys are awesome!!

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