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Ice Cube-I Am The West-2010-H3X

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Here’s a new album from Ice Cube released by group H3X.

01. A Boy Was Conceived (Intro) 0:26
02. Soul On Ice 3:39
03. Life In California Ft. Jayo And WC 4:02
04. She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own Ft. OMG And Doughboy 2:59
05. Urbanian 2:25
06. Ya’ll Know Who I Am Ft. OMG, Doughboy, WC And Maylay 2:18
07. Too West Coast Ft. WC And Maylay 2:58
08. I Rep That West 4:31
09. Drink The Kool-Aid 3:09
10. No Country For Young Men 4:13
11. It Is What It Is 3:21
12. Hood Robbin’ 3:45
13. Your Money Or Your Life 3:23
14. Nothing Like L.A. 3:20
15. All Day, Every Day 2:21
16. Fat Cat 2:54

Release name: Ice_Cube-I_Am_The_West-2010-H3X
Artist…….: Ice Cube
Title……..: I Am The West
Release.Type.: Album
Genre……..: Rap
Year………: 2010
Tracks…….: 16
Playtime…..: 0h 49min Total
Size………: 67.61 MB
Links: HOMENTi

Download: HOTFiLE

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