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31Oct/101 – Building an Online Shopping Cart

sexy lingerie - Building an Online Shopping Cart - Building an Online Shopping Cart
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By 2007, 77% of internet users over the age of 13 -- about 131.3 million people -- will shop online. In these tutorials, instructor Lawrence Cramer helps give business owners the tools to harness this market effectively. Using an in-depth case study and other varied examples, Lawrence demonstrates how to seamlessly create and incorporate a shopping cart and back end to support online customers. Building an Online Shopping Cart covers everything from the general concepts of e-commerce to the nitty-gritty of setting up and customizing credit card and order processing features. The training also covers security, customer privacy, building a store, and developing and integrating customer service and policies.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. E-Commerce Basics
3. Accepting Payments Online
4. Static vs. Dynamic Sites
5. Databases
6. Security
7. Shopping Carts
8. Basic Elements of a Shopping Cart
9. Case Study: Using ColdFusion and Cartweaver
10. Deploying the Shopping Cart
11. Setting Up the Store
12. Customer Satisfaction

Download: Part1, Part2, Part3

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