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18Feb/110 Photoshop CS5 Tutorials Dekes Techniques-iRONiSO

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Hello readers, I’m a new poster and I will do my best in providing you with the latest (0-day) releases of applications/games/etc. I hope you enjoy my posts. Photoshop CS5 Tutorials Dekes Techniques-iRONiSO

Hereby I present to you another tutorial, but this time it learns you several dekes techniques in Photoshop CS5. These tutorials can be really handy, especially if you’re a growing designer who wants to know every in and out of Photoshop! Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself? ;)

Deke’s Techniques is a collection of short Photoshop and Illustrator projects and creative effects that can be completed in ten minutes or less. The series is taught by computer graphics guru Deke McClelland, and presented in his signature step-by-step style. The intent is to reveal how various Photoshop and Illustrator features can be combined and leveraged in real-world examples so that they can be applied to creative projects right away.

Course Contents:

  • Creating ice type
  • Branding type on a texture
  • Creating an image-branding machine
  • Capturing effects with layer comps

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