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Lexx COMPLETE DVDRip XviD-MiXED “Lexx” is a science fantasy television series that follows the adventures of a group of mismatched individuals aboard the organic space craft Lexx. They travel through two universes and encounter planets including a parody of the Earth. Not originally produced for a US network, the series features more sexual innuendo and nudity than audiences in the United States are generally accustomed to seeing in non-premium programming.

Follow the adventures of a group of desperate fugitives aboard the Lexx,’the most powerful destructive force in the two universes.’ The Lexx is a massive living bio-engineered spacecraft that resembles a wingless dragonfly. It is capable of destroying a planet with ease, and then eats the debris as a source of fuel.The crew of the Lexx are motivated largely by fear, lust, and hunger: factors that gradually come to dominate their lives more and more. A cult hit known for its quirky, sexually charged adult storylines boldly taking Sci-Fi where others had not gone before!


This DVDRip PACK for the complete 61-episode series was contributed by scene groups ReVOLT, BE and LOL. Videos of Season 3 from LOL were coded in DivX instead of XviD. I will give you an update once I found a better version.

Links: IMDB

XviD | MP3 | 22.76GB

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