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Secrets of the Oracle Database

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Secrets of the Oracle Database

Secrets of the Oracle Database
Publisher: Apress; 1 edition | June, 2009 | 450 pages | English | ISBN 10: 1430219521 | 12.6 MB

Secrets of the Oracle Database is the definitive guide to undocumented and partially documented features of the Oracle database server. Covering useful but little known features from Oracle9i Database through Oracle Database 11g, this book will improve your efficiency as an Oracle database administrator or developer. Norbert Debes shines the light of day on features that help you master more difficult administrative, tuning, and troubleshooting tasks than you ever thought possible.

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Finally, in one place, you have at your fingertips knowledge that previously had to be acquired through years of experience and word of mouth through knowing the right people. What Norbert writes is accurate, well tested, well illustrated by clear examples, and sure to improve your ability to make an impact in your day to day work with Oracle.

What you'll learn

Take advantage of Oracles built in Perl DBI distribution to write applications for monitoring, benchmarking, data extraction, and more.
Interpret the undocumented, extended trace file format to pinpoint performance problems that TKPROF reports overlook and obscure.
Get the most out of Statspack by using undocumented report formatting options, accessing its scarcely documented repository, and integrating with SQL Trace.
Take control of your instance through the ill–documented ORADEBUG command, enabling you to control processes, trace SQL statements, dump process state, monitor wait events and the call stack, and much more.
Leverage undocumented features in Oracle's built in scheduler to better automate your workload.
Take full advantage of Transparent Application Failover and Cluster Database Services in a Real Application Cluster environment.
Who is this book for?
Secrets of the Oracle Database is written for database administrators and developers well past the beginner level who desire to take full advantage of the power the Oracle platform has to offer. The book is by no means an introductory book. Readers should already be familiar and comfortable with SQL and PL/SQL, and should have a good grounding in Oracle database architecture.

About the Author

Norbert Debes has more than 13 years experience as an Oracle database administrator. He holds a masters degree in computer science from the University of Erlangen, Germany, and is an Oracle8, Oracle8i, and Oracle9i certified professional Oracle database administrator. For over 6 years, he held different positions and technical roles at Oracle Germany. He was a team leader in Oracle Support Services, and a technical account manager in Strategic Alliances. In his last role at Oracle, Norbert was responsible for promoting Real Application Clusters on a technical level. During his tenure, he contributed to the Oracle9i SQL Reference, the Real Application Clusters manual set, and to various Real Application Clusters training materials.

Right from the beginning of his quest in the Oracle database management system, Norbert always wanted to know exactly how things worked. He would not be satisfied with superficial explanations, but demanded evidence. His passion to dig deeper served him well in acquiring extensive knowledge of the Oracle database, and occasionally makes him a restless researcher who often ends up working from dusk until dawn when captured by the flow.

In his spare time, Norbert likes to hike, snowboard, play basketball, and read nonfiction on topics such as the emotional brain. Furthermore, he is a passionate analog and digital photographer. Having been intrigued by the vibrancy of stereoscopic (i.e., three dimensional) capture for 20 years, he rejoices in his recent acquisition of a stereo camera.




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