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Wide Mouth Mason-No Bad Days-2011-C4

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C4 released new album from the band Wide Mouth Mason titled “No Bad Days”.

Wide Mouth Mason-No Bad Days-2011-C4

01. More Of It 4:13
02. Get A Hold Of You 4:30
03. Go Tell It To The Waterfall 4:50
04. Only A Secret If You Keep It 4:56
05. Drive 4:58
06. Shut Up And Kiss Me 4:16
07. Sweet Little Thing 4:54
08. Only The Young Die Good 4:13
09. Burn It Down 4:04
10. Listen Sister 3:15
11. What’d I Do 3:56
12. The Night Fell 4:28

Release Name: Wide_Mouth_Mason-No_Bad_Days-2011-C4
Size: 84,87 MB

Album: No Bad Days
Artists: Wide Mouth Mason
Genre: Rock
Label: Bread and Water Records
Runtime: 52:33

Download: Here

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