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Nero-Welcome Reality (Retail)-2011-pLAN9

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pLAN9 released the debut album from UK dubstep act Nero titled “Welcome Reality”.

Nero-Welcome Reality (Retail)-2011-pLAN9

The pLAN9 released was nuked for being dupe, but it doesn’t change anything.For those who want to download SiRE release, download from Here.

1. 2808
2. Doomsday
3. My Eyes
4. Guilt
5. Fugue State
6. Me And You
7. Innocence
8. In The Way
9. Scorpions
10. Crush On You
11. Must Be The Feeling
12. Reaching Out
13. Promises
14. Departure

Release Name: Nero-Welcome_Reality-(Retail)-2011-pLAN9
Size: 109 MB

Album: Welcome Reality
Artists: Nero
Genre: Electronic
Label: MTA Records
Runtime: 61:05 mins
Links: NFO | NTi

Download: Here

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