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Packt – CryENGINE 3 Cookbook 2011 RETAiL eBOOk-rebOOk

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With every successive console generation, the cost, time, and complexity of developing games has grown. Meet CryENGINE3, a middleware engine that is the perfect fit for most developers allowing users to exceed current generation quality standards while using less people and time than ever thought possible.

Packt – CryENGINE 3 Cookbook 2011 RETAiL eBOOk-rebOOk

The CryENGINE3 CookBook is packed full of recipes for junior and senior developers alike. It covers everything from creating photo realistic architectural visualizations to implementing advanced physics such as ragdoll and tornado effects. Topics covered include the sandbox, level layout, environment creation, AI, character creation, creating vehicles, and game logic. Every recipe is designed to add AAA quality to your games.

Release name: Wiley-Smashing.WordPress.Themes.2011.RETAiL.EBook-DiGiBook
Size: 50.2MB
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