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Supernatural The Anime Series S01 720p BluRay x264-UNTOUCHABLES

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Supernatural The Anime Series S01 720p BluRay x264-UNTOUCHABLESAs I promised yesterday, here is the 720p BluRay PACK of the complete first season of the anime version of “Supernatural”. This 22-episode PACK was released by group UNTOUCHABLE. Let’s hope there will be a second season

SUPERNATURAL: THE ANIME SERIES represents a unique concept: it’s the first time a popular live-action TV show has been reimagined in Japanese anime style. Exploring the journey of Sam and Dean Winchester as they travel across the backroads of America, hunting monsters while trying to save the world from the devil and searching for their missing father, this is sibling rivalry at its best, giving horror fans a taste of something stylistically fresh. The 22 animated episodes mirror the story arc of the first two seasons, mixing in prequels and untold tales that fit within the SUPERNATURAL mythology. The introductory “Alter Ego” sets the tone and expectations: In the opening sequence, with the unflinching violence often seen in anime, someone is stabbed in the eye with a knife. The story sees Sam and Dean investigating a small town plagued by a demonic shapeshifter; during its transformation, the creature blows up into a hideous blob and splits itself in half, green worms spewing out of its chest in pure Japanimation style.

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x264 | DTS | 25.11GB

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