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Seven – Freedom Call 2011-GRAVEWISH

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Friends of the sophisticated, melodic, power metal Metal watch out! SEVEN supply all that and more with quality and precision. Rage guitarist Victor Smolski (who the band toured with) produced the new album ‘Freedom Call’ and did a killer job and is also still immortalized with a guest solo. The sound of SEVEN is not that far away from Rage, because the same as the German metal veterans influenced SEVEN with delicate guitar work, strong rhythms, and despite all the technical refinements, based on clearly structured, melodic songs. New behind the mic is front man Luke Pisarik, whose powerful vocals harmonize terrifically. He could be a vocal clone of Brainstorm singer Andy B. Franck.. They got power behind it, SEVEN are ready to step up to the big league ‘Freedom Call’ is a big surprise!

Seven – Freedom Call 2011-GRAVEWISH

Track List:

1. Freedom Call 3:27
2. Brain Eater 4:02
3. Get It 4:34
4. The Road 4:44
5. So Scarred 3:13
6. Suicide Fall 3:58
7. Abandoned 3:59
8. Wild In The Night 2:49
9. The Jocker 4:26
10. You Steal My Breath 4:07
11. To Hell 3:28
12. War Within 4:05
13. Autumn In The Rose Garden (Bonus Track) 4:25
14. No Surrender (Bonus Track) 3:10

Release Name: Seven-Freedom_Call-2011-GRAVEWISH
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Genre: Heavy Metal
Quality: 268 kbps VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo
Size: 111 MB
Playing Time: 54:27 min


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