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The Library – The King Of Silverlake 2011-FNT

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Brooklyns The Library are a pop band (with former members of The Mayflies USA and The Comas) consisting of guitars, piano, bass, drums, and male vocals with the occasional fiddle, banjo, or electronics thrown into the mix that transcends the simplicity of its lineup with graceful little songs, a supple gauzy tone, and a perfectly languorous pacing that harkens back foremost to the early 90s softer side of the shoegaze phenomenon. There is a muscular American rootsy quality underlying what is in essence a soft, mostly downbeat, loose and dreamy pop band.

The Library – The King Of Silverlake 2011-FNT

Track List:

01. Sometimes I Wish 2:56
02. When I Loved You 3:03
03. Starry Eyed Circus Band 2:52
04. The King of Silverlake 5:10
05. Sheila 2:41
06. All About the Big Nothing 2:43
07. 6am Sunset Blvd 2:05
08. Getting Over Getting Older 2:43
09. It’s Sunny When You Make Believe 2:23
10. I Still Believe 3:08
11. 6 Days in Madrid 4:24
12. Follow Me Down 3:23

Release Name: The_Library-The_King_Of_Silverlake-2011-FNT
Label: Maggadee
Genre: Indie
Quality: 248 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo
Size: 70.71 MB
Playing Time: 37:31 min


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