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Dub Vision – Counter Attack 2011-H3X

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H3X love to release reggae music, today they just pred the new Dub VIsion album. Dub masters from Cali. Backing, in-fronting, insiding, outsiding, riding, not hiding band rolling around the world! Backing Don Carlos and others since 1999.

Dub Vision – Counter Attack 2011-H3X

01. Counter Attack (feat. Balboa Becker)
02. Cool Summer (feat. Hodge)
03. Gimme Jah Love (feat. Jimi D)
04. Trod On (feat. Don Carlos)
05. Rebel Sounds (feat. Wadi Gad)
06. Child Of Israel (feat. Malika Madremana)
07. Double O Stash (feat. Tony Peebles)
08. Under The Moonlight (feat. Don Carlos And Hodge)
09. Mind Yourself (feat. Don Carlos)
10. Signs (feat. Maka)
11. Extrication (feat. Gavin Distasi)

Label: Big Cup Music
Genre: Reggae
Quality: VBR MP3 @ 242kbps avg
Time: 0h 45min Total
Size: 79MB

Release name: Dub_Vision-Counter_Attack-2011-H3X
Links: AmazonMyspace

Download: FiLESERVE

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